Jack Stumpf & Associates, Inc.

NumberStreetTypeSale\LeasePriceBldg SizeLot SizeNotesInfo
Lot RNAmes Blvd corner Ehret, MarreroVacant LandSale$575,000.00076670some inprovements onsite, corner location.PDF File
175Avenue A, WestwegoVacant LandSale$975,000.000147668Former Industrial Site, must check permitted uses with City.PDF File
B24B1Barataria Blvd @ Son K, MarreroVacant LandSale$2,500,000.0001200001 blk south of Lapalco.PDF File
Lot 15, Sq. 5Barataria Blvd, MarreroVacant LandSale$65,000.00027824Very near Dolores Drive, opposite side of Street.PDF File
Parcel J-2Barataria Blvd, MarreroVacant LandSale$350,000.0005south of Dolores Drive.PDF File
1712Barataria Blvd, MarreroVacant LandLease$2,820.00019000Paved lot, excellent for auto sales, has trailer on site for office use.PDF File
1712Barataria Blvd, Marrero, LAVacant LandLease$2,660.00019000.PDF File
Lot E6CXBarataria Boulevard, MarreroVacant LandSale$235,000.00050833Adjacent to the Lion's Club, just south of Ehret Road.PDF File
LotsBarataria Park Subd, MarreroVacant LandSale$45,000.0006600Residential Lots, new subdivision, see price list attached.PDF File
835Behrman Highway, GretnaVacant LandSale$275,000.00014877Sale or Lease - Former Carwash, could be re-development opportunity.PDF File
2325Belle Chasse Hwy, Jeff Par.Vacant LandLease$6,200.000148830Land Site available for lease, 3 parcels, up to 9 Acres total.PDF File
1907Belle Chasse Hwy, Jefferson ParishVacant LandSale$409,000.00039900Corner of Wright Avenue, priced for commercial use-Existing structure not given any value but might be usable.PDF File
Lot 7B-5BBelle Chasse Hwy, TerrytownVacant LandSale$325,000.00046956Fronts Belle Chasse Hwy, behind Wendy's, just off Terry Parkway.PDF File
Pcl 1-8Belle Promenade, MarreroVacant LandSale$6.00015Vacant site, may divide, within Lowe's & WalMart development.PDF File
Bridge City Ave @ Hooter StreetVacant LandSale$265,000.00073749.PDF File
Nr 6100Fourth St, MarreroVacant LandSale$450,000.000243936531' front.PDF File
Sq. 22, SNOGretna Blvd, Jefferson ParishVacant LandSale$110,000.00012500paper street corner of Victoria Avenue, west of Manhattan Blvd.PDF File
Lot A-1Hwy 190@ Morris, HammondVacant LandSale$400,000.000120000next to Autozone.PDF File
Tract A-2Hwy 23, Belle ChasseVacant LandSale$215,000.00019100Sq. Ft. Approximate, confirm zoning, across from Catholic Church.PDF File
8977Hwy 23, Belle ChasseVacant LandSale$130,000.00014398Across from OLPH Catholic school, adjacent property also available.PDF File
3000 blkHwy 23, GretnaVacant LandSale$2,290,000.000158798Large lot, corner access, just inside Jefferson Parish.PDF File
Tract AHwy 90 at Homeplace, AvondaleVacant LandSale$1,104,000.0008.PDF File
Lot S2Manhattan @ Lac Labelle, HrvyVacant LandSale$160,000.00040000adjacent to Manhattan Athletic club.PDF File
PCL 1A1D3Mounes @ Al Davis Rd, ElmwoodVacant LandSale$8,327,000.000304920Anticipate 3 parcels, size is total area and price-contact Agent for info.PDF File
Newton St @ 15th, GretnaVacant LandLease$2,500.00028034Just off Westbank Expressway.PDF File
Hol. Inn PclOff Manhattan Blvd, HarveyVacant LandSale$1,165,000.000116270Adjacent/Rear site of Holiday Inn Express, off Manhattan Blvd.PDF File
Lot 43APaxton St, HarveyVacant LandSale$159,000.00021009Main Street in business Park, good land.PDF File
Plot 39River Road, AlgiersVacant LandSale$352,000.000612018Lower Coast acreage-2 homes adjacent-.PDF File
Sq.17 SNORochelle Ave, HarveyVacant LandSale$50,000.00073000Undeveloped land, no Access, behind Fire Dept. on Gretna Blvd.PDF File
Segnette Estates SubdivisionVacant LandSale$0.0000see segnetteestates.com for full info package.PDF File
Seven Oaks Blvd, Bridge CityVacant LandSale$60,000.000114PRICE IS PER ACRE-- 7 Oaks is former Bridge City Ave, off River Rd.PDF File
Lots 59,60Spencer Street, HarveyVacant LandSale$125,000.00015762Corner lot (2) in Oakmere Subd..PDF File
Lots 14-25Staten Ave, Sq. 108 SNOVacant LandSale$35,000.000300002 blocks off Manhattan, inaccesible,.PDF File
Sq. 203Tullis Dr, AlgiersVacant LandSale$49,500.000156002 vacant lots between Behrman & Woodland.PDF File
Wall Blvd @ Harvey Blvd, HarveyVacant LandSale$891,300.00059420see survey attached-- also has an inside Lot available fronting Harvey blvd.PDF File
Westbank Expwy @ Segnette PKVacant LandSale$149,000.00031885Generally across Wayne Ave. Intersection of WB Expwy
7-9Westbank Expwy past WestwegoVacant LandSale$70,000.00046360Between Drake Ave & Alario Center, South side of Expwy.PDF File
7400 BLKWestbank Expwy, MarreroVacant LandLease$3,900.000346882 sites in front of subdivision-See Desc. Sheet - May consider a Sale.PDF File
Nr 3611Westbank Expwy, MarreroVacant LandSale$1,300,000.000195804next to 4 columns development, has sewer, rear street access.PDF File
1000 blkWestbank Expwy, WestwegoVacant LandLease$1.080196000Price is per square foot, Can be subdivided into 1.5 acre sites, cleared and ready for development
Farm 14Willow Road, Lower AlgiersVacant LandSale$165,000.00010Rural, wooded lot, off River Road in algiers lower coast.PDF File