Jack Stumpf & Associates, Inc.

NumberStreetTypeSale\LeasePriceBldg SizeNotesInfo
909Ave. C, MarreroOfficeSale$225,000.0026001 block from West Jeff Hospital, just off Expwy.PDF File
1200Avenue G, MarreroOfficeLease$1,956.001467Corner Wichers, near West Jeff Hospital--Also have 940 sf unit in bldg.PDF File
3221Behrman Pl, AlgiersOfficeLease$1,120.00725Very well maintained building--2 units available in the location.PDF File
2000Belle Chasse Hwy, JeffersonOfficeLease$7,000.0046002nd flr, elevator,.PDF File
1610Belle Chasse Hwy, GretnaOffice RetailLease$3,500.004000High Visibility, Free Standing Building.PDF File
2600Belle Chasse Hwy, Jeff Par.OfficeLease$2,500.0020005 units, one on 1st floor- best to reference sheet.PDF File
2065Bonn St, HarveyOffice WarehouseLease$6,000.0011000Quality Bldg, clean, Whse is climate controlled-6 ton crane.PDF File
1005Central Avenue, MetairieOffice RetailSale$250,000.003326.PDF File
1001Central Avenue, MetairieOffice RetailSale$218,000.002935.PDF File
50Coquille Dr, Belle ChasseOffice WarehouseSale$620,000.007500very clean ofc-whse, with fenced yard.PDF File
3821Day St, HarveyOffice WarehouseSale$295,000.003200Clean building, fully fenced yard.PDF File
1925Eighth St, HarveyOffice WarehouseLease$5,000.006750Just off Expwy, 2 O/H doors + Freezer.PDF File
2421Eighth St, Harvey, LAOffice WarehouseSale$174,900.003820.PDF File
2601Eighth Street, HarveyOffice WarehouseSale$500,000.004057Appt required to show, building occupied.PDF File
502Engineers Rd, Belle ChasseOffice WarehouseLease$2,000.004800Owner Agent.PDF File
3316Fourth St, HarveyOffice WarehouseSale$169,000.001400Good for small service contractor needing office and yard.PDF File
6100Fourth St, MarreroOffice WarehouseLease$6,500.0037000Owner Agent-Open Space,Dock High building.PDF File
6100Fourth St, MarreroOffice WarehouseSale$750,000.00120500Owner-Agt, Bldg needs significant work, but lots of space.PDF File
1501Franklin Ave, GretnaOffice WarehouseSale$199,000.003700Corner location, no yard,.PDF File
4650Gen. Degaulle, AlgiersOfficeSale$495,000.0010000Good for user, formerly occupied by owner as State Farm Office, some rental available from tenants.PDF File
3052Gen.Collins, AlgiersOfficeSale$459,000.0062002 story ofc, presently 5 units, new AC, Floors, Doors, etc.PDF File
405Gretna Boulevard, GretnaOffice SpaceSale$1,890,000.00221102 story office Building, good parking, central location.PDF File
1909Industrial Blvd, HarveyOffice WarehouseSale$349,000.006000.PDF File
1865Industrial Blvd, HarveyOffice WarehouseSale$800,000.0020000Available January, 2019.PDF File
1865Industrial Blvd, HarveyOffice WarehouseLease$9,000.0020000Also available for Sale.PDF File
105Jarrell Dr, Belle ChasseOffice WarehouseLease$2,200.003000corner fenced lot, off Woodland Hwy, building very clean.PDF File
3820LapalcoOfficeLease$2,925.0025002 story, well built office on Lapalco-Elevator, good parking, some int offices.PDF File
1525-#14Lapalco Blvd, HarveyOfficeSale$275,000.004620.PDF File
3804Lapalco Blvd, HarveyOfficeSale$1,200,000.005000nice 1st floor space,.PDF File
11Louisiana Ave, WestwegoOffice WarehouseLease$2,500.007000Will Divide--shown by appt--generally open space with loading dock.PDF File
2245Manhattan Blvd, HarveyOfficeLease$1,330.001000beautifully re-done building-2nd flr space, Add CAM charge.PDF File
1901Westbank ExpwyOffice Office WarehouseLease$2,000.002300Whse is climate controlled, not a free-standing unit.PDF File
401 #204Westbank Expwy, GretnaOfficeLease$580.004802nd flr walkup space, near Lafayette St.PDF File
401Westbank Expwy, GretnaOfficeLease$400.00272Ofc, Kitchen, Storage.PDF File
12-AWestbank Expwy, GretnaOfficeLease$500.004003 suites, 1 includes Dental Ofc ready for Occupancy.PDF File
401 #200Westbank Expwy, GretnaOffice SpaceLease$1,500.001044.PDF File
718Westbank Expwy, GretnaOfficeLease$1,500.001000.PDF File
4899-A-CWestbank Expwy, MarreroOfficeLease$4,760.0037601 Blk from Barataria Blvd, 1 Blk from West Jeff Hospital.PDF File
725-729Westbank Expwy, WestwegoOfficeSale$250,000.0038862 units, could be retail with some work, North side of Expwy.PDF File
671-AWhitney Ave, Jefferson ParishOfficeLease$15,800.00172002 story, elevator serviced, campus setting near WB Expwy.PDF File